• The pool will be open for use by members and guests beginning in May on weekends. The pool will be open during the week beginning in June. Closing date at the end of the 2019 season will be at the discretion of the Board.

  • The pool and grounds are for members of the Cabana Club.

  • Check our events calendar here to find out when we are hosting social events and when the pool is closed for swim team events.

  • BBQ's are available for you to use and enjoy, just be sure to clean up for the next person!

  • Please, no glass allowed on the property.

  • You are welcome to bring non-members, please refer to the guest policy below.

  • Pool flotation devices are allowed! (Just not on the diving board or slide)

  • The Cabana Club has it's own Facebook page- click here to join it!


  • If lifeguards are not present, "Family Swim" is in effect and children under 18 must be accompanied to the Cabana by a parent or caregiver designated on this form. 

  • If lifeguards are present, children 14 years of age and older who can swim the length of the pool and tread water for at least one minute, may enter the Cabana Club grounds and swim without a parent or caregiver present.

  • A child who cannot swim or has to use a flotation device MUST BE under the direct supervision of a parent, sitter, or responsible adult while in the water (and must stay in the shallow end of Pool).

  • A Member bringing any guest to the Cabana Club is responsible for their guest's behavior and overall safety. All guests must sign a liability waiver and any minor guests must have a waiver on file with their parent or guardian's signature. Please refer to the guest policy below. 

  • NO swimming if under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Drunk, intoxicated, or disorderly conduct is not allowed on Cabana Club property. 

  • NO head-first diving from the Pool Deck. All entries into the Pool must be feet first, facing Pool.

  • NO running on the Pool Deck or pushing another person into the Pool.

  • NO swearing or abusive language.

  • NO roller blades, scooters, bikes, roller shoes, skateboards, etc.

  • NO food, drink, or gum allowed in the Pool or within 5 feet of the edge of the Pool.

  • NO glass objects are allowed on the Cabana Club premises.

  • NO pets in the Pool or Cabana Club grounds.

  • NO persons with diarrhea, open wounds or communicable diseases allowed in the Pool.

  • There will be a rest period for ALL children (15 years and younger) every hour for 10 minutes when a lifeguard is on duty. When a lifeguard is not on duty, it is recommended and parents and caregivers enforce this same rule for safety purposes.



  • NO multiple or running jumps.

  • All divers MUST be facing the Pool and dive forward away from the Diving Board.

  • Divers are to swim directly to the ladder and exit the Diving Area.

  • One diver on the Board at a time.

  • NO flotation devices or balls on the Diving Board or in the Diving Area.

  • The Diving area is not deep enough for large persons to do more skilled or complex dives.



  • Slide down only on backside feet first or headfirst on the stomach.

  • NO flotation devices on the slide.

  • All children must be supervised by an adult while on the slide.



  • Swim Team practice begins in April in the evenings.

  • Once school is out in Mid June, practice switches to mornings until 12:00pm.

  • Swim meet schedule can be found on our website. The pool will be closed during home meets. 

  • Swim team website


Guest Policy


This policy serves as guidance for the admittance of non-members to the cabana club property and events. Not all scenarios are covered by this policy, and exceptions can be granted by request to the board.

The board may deem guest pass usage inappropriate if, at the board’s determination, guest passes are being used to circumvent membership purchase (generally more than 5 guest visits by same person/family during a season). Determination will result in a notice to the host member with an invitation to discuss the specifics and any follow-up actions.


Every member household receives ten (10) guest passes per year, where there is no charge for bringing an individual guest. Additional guest passes can be purchased by members at a price of $3.00 each.


Up to 9 guests can be hosted by a member at any one time. The Party Policy applies if more than 9 guests are brought to the property at the same time.


  • All guests are subject to the same policies as members.

  • Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests understand and behave in accordance with Cabana Club policies.

  • Members may not leave guests unattended on Cabana Club property, or at a Cabana Club event.

  • All guests must be accompanied by an adult member.


Members must ensure that each guest signs in and completes a guest liability waiver prior to entering Cabana Club grounds. Paper waivers will be available at the pool entrance. Thank you for your cooperation and help with this.